Artistic tree trimming and 24/7 emergency tree service

commercial and residential.

          We provide professional tree service and 24 hours emergency support. 

                                              Services we provide are the following:

  • Commercial and residential tree service.Tree trimming,thining, pruning, shaping, Tree removal, Tree planting, Hazard tree removal, Tree stump grinding and or removal, Tree lot clearance, quality fire wood. 
  • Commercial parking lots and side walks, residential parkings, driveways and side walks, private roads, stairs, balconys, and salt spreading
  • Our fire wood is great, split mix wood, we deliver at no extra cost in the valley.
  • Shrub removal. we remove any size shrubs.
  • Artistic Tree Trimming and Pruning:  We, At, K&C TREE SERVICE can determine the type of trimming or pruning neccesary best for your trees, the apperance of the trees is very important, and so is their health. The most important is to keep the trees looking good, healthy and safe.
  • These are our techniques:
  • Trim off branches that rub each other.
  • Removal of branches that obstruct with streets and sidewalks.
  • Trim branches that interfere with buildings, rain gutters, windows, wires,roofs, chimineys, patios, decks, walking areas, parking areas, carports,swimming pools, fences, play grounds, etc.
  • Remove dead or weak limbs that may be a hazard to human, pets or other trees
  • Remove infected, deseased or sick limbs.
  • Trim limbs for a better structure to reduce the potencial of any storm damaged, and wind resistance.
  • Trim to improve the shape of the trees.
  • Thining the trees to improve light and wind penetration.
  • Removing limbs damaged by adverse weather conditions, to avoid damage or harm.
  • Training young trees to a healthly, safe and good looking  mature trees.
  • Tree Removal:
  • There are many circumstances when it is necessary to remove a tree, but although removal could be the last resort. We can help you decide whether a tree should be removed. We are very well trained and have the skills to safely and efficiently remove trees. We recommend to remove a tree when:
  • the tree is dying
  • Tree is considered irreparable and hazardous
  • Has been damage and impossible to correct through pruning or trimming
  • Is leaning and causing harm to other trees
  • Is to be replace by a more suitable specimen
  • It's in the way of a new construction area and requires removal.
  • Tree Stump Grinding and Removal:   
  • We recommend the stump to be grinded for a more efficient, and better enjoyed place. we have the equipment to grind or remove any size tree stump.
  • Hazard tree removal and Trim: 
  • The weight of a storm may cause limbs or entire trees to fall, often landing on cars, homes, driveways, fences, roads, and on top of other trees and/or other properties, tree damage can be great and is mostly caused by the weight of storms, and could be very dangerous removing or trimming these trees. K&C TREE SERVICE will assist you to remove any tree(s) in a safe manner, reducing further damage to the property. Don't hessitate call us first.
  • Any size Shrubs Trimming and Removal:
  •  We specialize in commercial properties for all shrub trimming.  We correct damaged shrubs, and new planting.
  • Tree Lot Clearance Demolition 
  • Tree clearance experts: We'll cut all the trees down and grind them; we can either haul  the wood chips away or leave them. Whatever is more convenient.
  • Tree Consulting and Evaluation 
  • We Offer you a free consultation on all of your tree(s) needs.  Our tree experts will evaluate whether your trees need to be trimmed or removed (e.g., if a tree is decayed or dying, infected or deseased). Please feel free to give us a call.  A tree expert will come to you.
  • Tree Damage Prevention:  
  • Are you worried your tree might cause destructive damage through time to your house, cars, fences, or the loss of your lovely tree?  We can give you FREE advise on how to prevent any damage caused by your trees, and to prevent damage to the tree itself. We can also tell you how to prevent these potential damages!  DON'T FORGET, it is very important to keep your trees to a certain measurement to prevent potential hazardous damage to your house or others, caused by any thunderstorm, wind, or snowstorm.
  • Emergency Tree service:
  • Storms may cause entire trees to fall, also limbs to brake off, or fall. Often landing on homes, cars, driveways, fences, neighbor properties, falling on other trees, or  other structures. Many times the emergency can be trees rubbing on the roofs, windows, making all kinds of noise  on a snowy or windy storm. We'll come out to take care of that unsafe situation for you. Fallen trees can be very dangerous removing them and aslo trimming them. We have the skills and experience to safely remove any tree. K&C TREE SERVICE offers satisfaction for any  emergency situation on your tree needs! 24/7 with over 25 years of experience.
  • Please call:  801-466-9227 or email

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